Victoria “Leiladiti” Hawkins

Victoria Leiladiti grew up with a passion for dance in all its forms. She was a ballerina from the age of 5 through her early 20s, and took a short hiatus from dance as she moved into her career as a psychotherapist. During that time she found yoga and meditation. In 2006 BellyDance found Victoria, and she began her exploration of various styles of this feminine art form. Now she is a Bellydance, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Meditation instructor with trainings and certifications in Empath Yoga, WendyFit Yoga, Aerial Yoga Academy, Radiant Child Yoga, Love Your Brain Yoga, Street Yoga, Shamanic Reiki, & Medical Meditation. Victoria’s love is supporting others on their journey to bring joy and peace into their lives through creative movement, bellydance, yoga, shamanic arts, mindfulness and artistic workshops.
Victoria was honored to be given the opportunity to lead Hipnique in December of 2019 as owner, and is grateful for the space to keep dancing through her life and sharing that gift with others!


Taliah (also known as “Bellydancer and The Beach”) is a professional bellydance performance artist and instructor. 
Taliah performs professionally at private events and parties all over Florida, as well as local restaurants and hookah lounges. 
She offers private lessons for serious students that wish to train in the art form and it’s many styles, varieties, and props, as well as weekly classes and intensive bellydance workshops held exclusively at Hipnique Studio in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Taliah is passionate about the ancient and sensual art form of bellydance since it impacted her life in a profound way after having lived in the Middle East for 3 years.

Taliah has over 12 years of formal training, teaching, choreographing, and professional stage performances at The Hard Rock Casino (2022), Belly Dance Masters Orlando (2016 & 2017), Ruth Eckerd Hall Opera Carmen (2014), and U2 Cover Band Performance of “Mysterious Ways” at Vinoy Park (2018) just to name a few. You can find Taliah performing every weekend for events, parties, and restaurants, as well as designing bellydance apparel for her company: 

Kailey Snayd

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Kailey fell in love with dance and performing at an early age. Not long after learning how to walk, Kailey gravitated to the dance studio where she spent most of her childhood and teens studying dance with a focus on ballet and gaining experience with light hip hop and jazz. After more than 13 years of dance training Kailey was introduced to the rave scene and the performance art form known as “flow”. 

She started her journey in the flow arts with gloving, a disciple using bright, color changing L.E.D. lights in the fingers of gloves to produce amazingly beautiful light shows using complex hand and arm movements. Delving further into the flow arts Kailey discovered the Maori art of spinning poi. 

Once deeply embedded in the flow art culture, Kailey cast her fear and inhibitions aside and picked up a hula hoop for the first time and this dancer’s connection with a prop was unquestionable. In the years that followed Kailey has found hoop dance to be immensely beneficial to her mental health, as a meditative practice, and a fun way to exercise, providing her body with the rhythmic movement it longs for. With a love for performing, Kailey is rarely seen without a hula hoop nearby and has been performing in the streets, dance clubs and music festivals ever since she started to learn the art. 

Being inspired by the smiles and happiness of her audience Kailey is always prepared to share her knowledge with others and through their encouragement and requests, she has decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and become a dance instructor to share the joy hoop dance with you.

Alicia Martinez

Alicia Martinez is a Certified Yoga Instructor who is registered with Yoga Alliance. She has completed two 200 hour Teacher Trainings (Yoga Village and Anahata Earth Yoga) and is currently enrolled in a 300 hour registered Yoga Teacher training.

Alicia was introduced to Yoga and healthy living over 30 years ago. She believes that her daily practice of Yoga and meditation have helped to reduce stress, gain mental clarity, and achieve an overall sense of well being. Alicia loves teaching yoga! Her classes include a combination of breathwork, asanas/postures, stretching, movement and relaxation. 

In addition to teaching Yoga, Alicia completed a Level 1 Sound Healer certification course and received instruction on how to use crystal sound bowls to elicit a sense of calmness, balance, and ease. Alicia hosts and co-hosts special events and classes for students who practice gentle yoga while listening to guided meditation.

Lori-Ann Lynde

Lori-Ann has always known her life's mission was to help people. She began her spiritual journey over 10 years ago. Along the way she found belly dancing and yoga and it healed her in so many ways. 

Not long after Lori-Ann became a 200 Yoga Certified Teacher and is making it her mission to teach yoga to beginners/intermediate students as well as bellydancers. All her classes are modified for everyone’s needs. She leaves no yogi behind! She also knows the benefits of yoga and wants everyone to feel them! 

Lori-Ann also loves belly dancing and has been a bellydance instructor. She loves to make sure all students are having fun but yet learning and drilling all the basic moves so they can continue on their dance Journey. 

Yarelis “Rellie” Medina

Rellie is a Yoga Alliance RYT (200 hr) and instructor from Anahata Earth Hatha Yoga. She holds a masters in clinical social work from Boston University and is a registered clinical social worker intern in the state of Florida. Her passion for yoga began over 8 years ago as a means to manage her own anxiety. 

Since then, her practice has led her to a path of sharing with others the beauty of self compassion, the power of mindfulness and its positive impact on your overall health and quality of life. Her clinical work with adults, adolescents and children is driven by these principles of self compassion and mindfulness and is offered in a supported therapeutic environment. 

Rellie enjoys good food, baking French macarons and most of all the company of her family and loved ones! To schedule an appointment contact Or call/text 352-208-8223. 

Cheryl Sivewright/Sheralulu

Sheralulu has studied the art of bellydance for 9 years, and has taught technique, props & choreography in classes and workshops at Hipnique Studio for 2 1/2 years. Her dance journey began with only fitness goals, but she was quickly drawn to the artistic expression and sisterhood bellydancing offers. From classic Oriental Egyptian, folkloric and modern fusion styles, she loves to tell her story through dance. As a member of the Hipnique Troupe, she has performed in ensemble at Bellydance Masters and at various community events. 

Sheralulu is dedicated to welcoming and motivating students of all levels and sharing her passion for bellydance history. She feels it’s possible to flourish in this beautiful art form regardless of age or body type!

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